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The Food Lab explores the role that science plays in the development of food, niche products, exciting concepts, recipies and much more.



So, what is The Food Lab?

About The Food Lab

The Food Lab is the place where Food and Science meet.

We explore the intricate role that science, and all its facets, play in the development of food, niche products, exciting concepts, recipes and much more.
We look at how to understand food on a much larger scale by going deep down into what makes the food we eat and drink so special.

We’re not only scientists, but we are also food enthusiasts
We enjoy playing with our food, and we recommend you try it too!
So you can expect recipe development, cooking flops but also kitchen successes. 

We’re sure you’re going to love it here!

What is it?

Food Science & Food Technology

Which disciplines form the base of Food Science & Technology?

Food Science is the application of science &  engineering to study the fundamental physical, chemical and biochemical nature of foods, and the principles of food processing.

Food Technology is the use of information generated by food science in the selection, preservaton, processing, packaging and distribution to ensure the consumption of safe, nutritious and wholesome food.

Food Microbiology

The study of microorganisms that can be found in food – naturally or due to contamination – but also microorganisms that are used to create food, such as yoghurt or beer.


The study of nutrients in the food we eat and how the body uses these nutrients as well as the relationship between health, diet and disease.

Food Engineering

The application of engineering principles to food materials.  Food engineering involves food processing, food machinery, packaging, instrumentation & control.

Food Safety & Quality

Food Safety – the practices that assure food quality is preserved through handling, distribution & storage to ensure food is safe for human consumption.

Food Quality – the features and characteristics of a food product that are acceptable to consumers, conform to specifications, and display value for money for consumer & profit for the business.

Sensory Science

A scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyze, and interpret those responses to products that are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing (Stone and Sidel 1993)

Food Chemistry

The study of the chemical interactions and processes that take place in all food products their properties. This also involves the effect of different processing techniques on foods and how these processes can be used to enhance food quality.

Who are we?

Meet the Food Scientists



I am curious by nature and I think this is what drew me to Food Science. Food was a big part of my life growing up, so Sundays were spent cooking, and for fun, we baked! I guess it’s the natural next step to want to know more about the food I spent so much time making.
My favourite aspect is definitely the chemistry of the food we eat. It’s fascinating to know why certain reactions take place and why specific outcomes occur when developing foods & food products. However passionate I am about Food Chemistry, I am equally or even more obsessed with Food Safety & Quality. The food we eat has to be safe, but it also has to be of good quality in order for consumers to want to buy it continuously.
I’m excited to have The Food Lab as a platform to put thoughts and ideas into. I’m also looking forward to putting everything I have learnt as a food scientist into practical advice and information for everyone to use.



As long as I have been alive my life has revolved around food – and not just in the way that as a living being I require sustenance to survive. I grew up in the kitchen of our family restaurant so it was no surprise that every science project I executed revolved around food.
Naturally, when I stumbled upon a degree that merged three of my passions – food, science and nutrition, I leapt at the opportunity to learn more.
If I were to be a snack I think I’d be a chocolate-covered protein nougat bar – a treat with some purpose and little something to prove. I think that’s why being a product developer is so rewarding for me. Starting with an idea and figuring out how to put it all into a sellable product excites me.
I am humbled to have a platform like The Food Lab to share some of the things I’ve learned and will continue to learn along my journey.


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World Food Day 2020

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